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Emergency 100 percent approved loans no matter what through direct lenders for bad credit are loans that are specifically meant for those who want to borrow money but who have a negative score regarding past delinquencies, insolvency, or foreclosures. We seek to aid those who find themselves in emergency situations financially. As professional lenders, we are able to help. You can have three major problems in the case in which you need an emergency loan: no collateral involving cars and properties, you are in a hurry, or you have a bad credit. The third possibility is what we are specialized in, as we can offer urgent loans for poor credit.
Traditional loans are often not a realistic option for those who have less than stellar financial pasts, or for those whose credit scores are low. But, our company understands that some situations are urgent, like the need for medical interventions, for unexpected car repairs or for paying higher than normal utility bills and require immediate action.

What we offer

We are aware of your need for buck and consider it more important than other institutions. It can be very stressful to apply for loans when you have bad credit. We take away this stress and make it easy. Within twenty-four hours, you will know if you meet the requirements for a loan with us. We make this judgment mostly based on the application Before lending money, most traditional lenders require collateral. For example, a bank or a car dealership can collateralize a house or an automobile, which are meant as guarantees that the money will be returned. Regular institutions also ask you for a credit report and your application will be denied if the credit report results are negative.
When applying for emergency loans for bad credit you may need to give us your bank information, such as checking account number or routing number. . With a few simple pieces of information, such as bank routing numbers and checking account numbers, we can quickly make loan deposits directly into your bank account. The bank information will be used for directly depositing the requested sum of money into your bank account.
We work differently than these institutions and emergency loans for bad credit are processed in the same day in which the request is made. A credit report is not needed. But, there is a need for proving you have a salary. Regardless of your needs, we will provide the best loan deal that suits your credit profile and you will be pleased by the offered terms and conditions. The borrowed amount and your ability to repay are the most important factors.Because we are not a traditional lending institution, we are able to immediately process applications for emergency loans. Bad credit will not stop you from receiving a loan on the same day that you request one. We offer pleasing terms and conditions that best suit your needs. Your ability to repay the amount you request is one critical factor to be considered.

Apply Online with us

The documentation required in case of requesting emergency 100 percent approved loans no matter what through direct lenders for bad credit is minimal. You have to be an adult for being eligible. Also, being a citizen of the United States is a must. A permanent job is also a requirement. You can apply now by filling an easy online application form and submitting it to us. No obligation is forced upon you when you fill the form and the procedure is totally free. The form will be processed immediately and you can receive a response within hours.

78 Responses to 100 Percent Approved Loans No Matter What Through Direct Lenders Overnight

  • I am helping my best friend clear up her finances and she has many, many old collection notices on her credit report that are helping to drag her rating down. They are probably 4-7 years old. Do these ever fall off? Or get written off? It seems like they just keep transferring them to other agencies. She also has a Household Bank credit card in collections – should this be paid first or the old debt? She tried to make arrangements with the collection agency for Household but they wanted much more a month than she could give them, and they refused to make arrangements so right now they are getting nothing. Help – I am not sure where to start. :(

  • I have 5 negative things on my credit report that I paid off, but I want them removed entirely off. Is there anything I could do to accomplish this?

  • I need to find out what my credit report looks like. But, I have run into several sites where I have to enter my credit card information. My husband found a site where he did NOT have to use any credit card information but we cannot find the link anywhere. Do you know where I can find this site/link?

  • I know that i can get my free credit report once a year, but there are like 3 reporting agencies to chose from. Which of those agencies is most accurate, and gives out the most info? I want one, to show all the negatives thing i might have in order for me to fix them, if there are any.

  • I wanted to get information on what your credit report looks like after filing ch 7 bk. Does it still list all your accounts with the balances just with discharged on each, or is your credit report blank with just the bk on it?

  • I have a debt on my credit report that I am paying off. I have 3 more years until it is deemed close. Right now, this particular debt is hindering my ability to be able to move. Now after the three years is up, will this still affect my ability to move to a new apartment.

  • I recently checked my credit report and noticed that three credit inquires I made this December (MC, Discover & Visa) were still on my report. How long do they stay?

  • I want a service that I can view my credit report and credit score for all major credit bureaus 3 or 4 times a year and make disputes quickly and easily as needed. I don’t want to pay an arm and a leg. I shouldn’t have to buy my own personal information in the first place.

  • I have 2 judgements on my credit report that aren’t true. I am trying to clean up my credit without paying someone $700.00. Please help if you know anything about getting inquiries and other old accounts, and accounts that doesn’t belong to me.

  • I have an eviction from 2009 that has gone to my credit report. I have been paying on it monthly for the past three years. It says that it will stay on my credit report until 2016. I am wondering what happens after that for an eviction as I am working on trying to move. Will it remain there or will it drop off as if it never appeared after 7 years.

  • My mother was told she could not refinance her mortgage because of a car repossession on her credit report. The bank is always calling her and telling her that they will settle the debt for about $3000. What will happen on her credit report if she makes a settlement with the bank? Will her credit report still show a repossession? Will she be able to refinance?

  • Right now my credit report is atrocious because of a bunch of hospital bills (from one occurrence). After 7 years, will they just disappear and I will be able to start building credit again? Will I be able to get a credit card?

  • I recently used that website to get a free credit report from the 3 reporting agencies. According to the 3 reports, I have ZERO negative items.

    Five years ago, my landline phone was disconnected due to non-payment. I owed about $200.00 on that phone line, which I never paid. Wouldn’t that have appeared on my credit report as a “negative item”?

  • Meaning I have seen my credit report and it shows my bankruptcy still, from 9 years ago. I was always told it’s suppose to come off your credit report after 7 years. Or is it actually it will always be on your report but shown as discharge even though that’s what the vertict was 9 years ago?
    And if not suppose to be on, how do you get it off?
    It was discharged in 2003 and is a CH 7
    And why is it still on my credit report after 9 years then?

  • Some jobs use your credit report against you, especially in finance. Why is that?
    OK, I definitely do understand, especially in the finance field.

  • My credit reports looks good for one agency.
    I have a loan in really good standing that is being reported by Equifax on my credit report but when I look at the other, it has no history of the loan. Should this loan be reported to all three of the agencies?? Or is it up to them?

  • I no longer have a credit card and every site I go to asks me to purchase my credit report. Is there anyway that I can get my report without using a credit card?

  • I recently disputed some negative things on my credit report. Experian sent me a letter that they were deleted. Does this mean that they can no longer be seen by possible creditors or would they still show up? I disputed these things with all 3 credit agencies. Do you think they will also delete them?

  • I want to get a free credit report online, but I don’t want to get dinged on my credit report. Does anyone have any info on this matter? Thanks

  • I got a copy of my credit report and sent letters to the various collection agencies asking for them to verify my debt. Three of the letters came back as undeliverable.

  • I’ve read that disputing anything that is bad on ones credit report, even if it is accurate, will most likely be removed. Is this true? How does disputing work?

  • I want to find out what my credit report looks like and my credit score. Can someone offer advice to which websites I should go to that provides the best credit report and score for free?

  • I did my research and I realized that i have a good credit report standing.

    I only have 2 accounts that I am currently using.
    Out of those two, for one I do have a balance but I always pay my bills on time except for two times when i was late because, the credit card company gave me the wrong due dates
    They did remove the late fees however.
    But 7 open in total.
    5 unused
    Two of them are sallie mae for school
    and the other
    1 for victorias secret- never used it. If I do use it I pay it once the bill comes
    and the other two i dont plan on using.

    Does that mean I have a bad credit score?

  • Currently, my credit report doesn’t have any negative information. My credit report doesn’t show any positive on it either. How can I get positive Information on my credit report?

  • My credit report says I have too many credit report inquiries. How do I stop that?

  • I checked my wife’s credit report and she has 3 accounts with late payments from several years ago prior to us being married. One was past due 60 days, one was past due 30 days a few times, and one was past due 120 days. How long will her credit rating be impacted by these accounts? Is it 7 years from the time the account is closed?

  • I have pulled a credit report and disputed everthing, and its all still on there. Most of the things are to expensive to pay off (would take YEARS). However, some things I could pay off quicker. How does the bad stuff go away without paying on it?
    Can it go away this way?
    I should also mention that the biggest thing is an eviction. the total amount is aobut $10k. This means that I cant get another apartment because I owe that money, and it would take so long to pay it off. I dont know what to do about that.

  • I understand that negative items remain on your Credit Report for 7 years after the date of Original Delinquency, but how do I determine when this date incurs? Since the “Date of Last Activity” changes extending the date of deletion on your credit report, how can I determine when items should drop off?

  • I no longer have a credit card and every site I go to asks me to purchase my credit report. Is there anyway that I can get my report without using a credit card?

  • If you have gone to your credit report and seen what you owed, and then settled the debt with the collector, how long can that stay on your report? And why does it? If it’s been settled, there should be no good reason that it should stay there. It should be removed immediately. Is there a way to have it permanently removed? If so, what is the process?

  • I have one negative item on my credit report. How do I dispute this item? I have heard that if you dispute an item and that particular company does not acknowledge it can be removed from the report all together. Is this true, and how do I go about doing this? The negative item is from Mac Tools Distribution, if that will help. There is an address on my report although there is no phone number. Do i need to call them, or a different source?

  • Hi can anyone know how to get the credit reports directly from credit companies. I want my credit report receipt from companies . If I go and ask them they will provide me report or not.

  • All of these free credit report on the internet require your credit card info and want oyu to join a club which is totally crazy to me. If I need to join a club I would have asked for membership info. So there is no such thing as free credit reoprt at all?

  • I have a collection item on my credit report for $245, I have paid it already. How can I remove it from my credit report? Is it better to talk to the collection agency to remove it or directly to the credit bureau? Tnx!

  • There are a few items which have been reaged by a collections agency and they cannot do that. The SOL has passed and they should be removed from my credit report. Also, when you view your credit report where is the “date of last activity”? All I see is the open date and last reported date. The last reported date can’t possibly be the date to go by because then the companies can stay on your credit report forever. I have never had problems about stuff dropping off before but Capital One refuses to drop off and the three different collection agencies (for one card mind you) keep reporting a new date opened. This is ridiculous. How can I get them off? It has been 8 years now and they are still on there.

  • I recently checked my credit report and there were some things on it that were not there because of me. What is the best way to go about fixing this?

  • I don’t see a phone number on the credit report for the collection agency. What’s a best way to contact them?

  • There are a few negative accounts on my credit report due to identity theft that are coming to their 7 years expiration. Since the theft I have been proactive in building positive credit. Are there any steps I should take to ensure the bureaus remove these negative accounts?

  • I have some bad debt on my credit report that is older than 10 years. How can I get them to remove it so it does not show anymore?

  • Do all of the credit report sites expect a credit card number to process? Is there anyway for me to just get my info without having to worry about it being a sca,/hidden fees?

  • I read I can put a comment on my credit report, but I don’t know how. Can you please help and give me some direction?

  • I have found items on my credit report that have passed the statute of limitations. How do I get them off the list?

  • My fiance and I got in a little disagreement a little while ago about how long collections stay on a credit report.

    He says that after 7 years they will be removed from a persons credit report – whether they are paid or not.

    I disagree with that. Why would collection agencies just “give up” trying to collect money from a person and take it off a persons credit report. It doesn’t make sense to me. If collection agencies just stopped trying to collect from a person after 7 years wouldn’t a lot of people not pay their bills because it will just go away after 7 years?

    Can someone clarify this for me? Thanks!

  • I want a service that I can view my credit report and credit score for all major credit bureaus 3 or 4 times a year and make disputes quickly and easily as needed. I don’t want to pay an arm and a leg. I shouldn’t have to buy my own personal information in the first place.

  • I just pulled up my credit report & I have like 10 old credit card accounts on there that were paid off & closed a few years ago. How long will this stay on my credit report?

  • I have requested and received free credit reports from all the 3 credit agencies, but none of the reports include a credit score. Are they required to send you your score. I did see a link on one of the sites that asked for $12 to get my credit score and not just the credit history.

  • I am planning on filing for bankruptcy and need credit reports for me an my wife. I don’t want to join a credit watch program. I jst want to be able to pay and print off all the reports and be done with it.

  • I got a copy of my credit report and sent letters to the various collection agencies asking for them to verify my debt. Three of the letters came back as undeliverable.

    I would like to start repairing my credit but since the addresses are no longer valid, what should I do next? I don’t want to send money to agencies that no longer exist/own my debt.

  • I have a couple of old (small) collections on my credit report that I’d like to clear up, but it just shows the name of the collection agency and a partial account number. How do I get contact and account information for these collection agencies so I can find out more information on these debts and pay them off or dispute them as needed? Would the credit reporting agencies have this information?
    Thanks for any help!

  • How I can get free credit report once a year allowed by the government?
    Is there a truly a free credit report? I just want to get my credit report. Help me please.

  • A few months ago I noticed something come up on my credit report. It was from a collection agency trying to collect over $500.00 for Sprint. I disputed the account with the Experian and within 30 days it was removed.

    This week I received another alert from Experian and apparently it popped up again from the same company. I’m already disputing it but I’m concerned as to how many times an item that has been removed from my credit report be put back up?

  • i had my 3 credit cards for less then 6 months i dont charge over 40% of my credit limit and pay off my bills 100% on time would anything be one my credit report right now?

    (also someone told me that even if you charge $1 on capitalone it shows up bad on your credit report i dont think thats true but is it?)

  • I recently became interested in buying my first house. Unfortunately, I have derogatory credit. I am working with a lending specialist and she had pulled a credit report on me. When we were going over it, there was surprising MUCH less than I had been used to seeing on my credit reports that I have gotten online at places like freecreditreport.com. It wasn’t a great score nonetheless but there was in fact only about ¼ of bad credit reported on this report than the ones I was getting online. The lending specialist that had pulled the report said that there is a huge difference between a CONSUMER credit report and a MORTGAGE credit report. Can anyone shed some light on this and either confirm what I was told or else otherwise? Thanks!
    I shoudl have added that this specialist was a relative of mine so I am sure she was rather thourogh. She has been doingh this for 23+ years now. Also, this report had shown both bad AND good credit.

  • I have one credit card on my credit reports that has two 30 day late payments. I was not the card owner, my mother was and I was listed as an authorized user on the card. She was arguing a charge and said they weren’t charges she made and they eventually closed the card and didn’t make her pay it (I think) but the two late payments are still there. Can I have these removed since I didn’t make the charges or are they stuck there since I was an authorized user of the card? Does it still affect my credit report as an authorized user?

  • does the money that I am getting in finacial aid appears in my credit report as a debt because I now that student loans do.

  • I recently applied for a lease on a new apartment. When the woman handling my application looked into my credit report, she says she found something on there that says Credit Card Theft. When I talked to her on the phone, I didn’t know what to say because I didn’t really have a clue what that could be. But, then I started thinking about it, and came to the conclusion that it must have been when I reported a credit card as missing and got a new card in the mail. Now, I never reported a Credit Card Theft, and I certainly never stole or used anyone else’s credit card.

    Does anyone have any idea what this could be? She says she will probably go ahead with the lease, but I am a little concerned about her finding something on my credit report that says Credit Card Theft.

  • I heard that we can get a free credit report every year. Is it true? If so, how can we get it ?
    Speaking of http://www.freecredit.com, they said they offer free credit for first-time customer for 30 days. Do I have to cancel the service before 30 days if I want to quit? Do you have any experience ?

  • ive recently purchased a property that due to previous tenants now has a bad credit history, i personally have a reasonable credit history, how do i go about updating this addresses credit files so i dont get refused most things because of the addresses history, i recently had a credit report sent back for myselof so i know its not me personally< is there any links?

  • I know these show up on your credit report, but I am wondering how many inqiries is too many? What is the average per month per year? I understand that shopping for a car (where the dealer maytry several different lenders) maycount as ONE iunquiry in a specified amount of time, but I am just wondering about the other inquiries (credit cards, store credit, and such)

  • I wanted to know what goes on a credit report. Also I was wondering are outstanding magazine bills on there?

  • okay i just check my credit report and said that my score was 569 and said that i was sent to collections and i had never got any type of information about this it was about that i was at franklin square hospital and i do not rember being there at all what should i do i had a credit score of 697 what should i do i am going to call the collections people tommrrow

  • What is a credit report?

  • I was recently turned down for a mortgage and the reason was my credit report. I got a copy of it and there’s nothing wrong that I can see. Could there be some reason that my credit report is bad even though I have not missed a payment on anything ever?
    No other reason was given. It was accepted in principal and rejected two hours later.

  • If an account is sent to a collection agency, does the original creditor account stay on the credit report and will it stay negative even after paid in full?

  • This is about the three major credit reporting agencies.

    If I make one or several inquires about my credit report over several weeks just to keep and eye on it, does doing and inquiry “frequently” on my own credit report count against me in some way?

    Some people say (I have heard) they check their report and scores “daily”!

    How in the world does that help them or me for that matter if I start doing it “daily”? Will it count against me? Will it pull my credit score down? And…do my inquiries show up on my report so that others would see that I have also been looking at it…say, may be just before I seek a major loan?

    I would like to know more about this… so any info. would be great.

    Also, Does a credit report tell you “who” has been looking at you file or has requested a copy of it over the year or this month as far as that goes?



  • When you go to the website and get your credit report, does it have your credit score listed somewhere? I never could locate it on my one last year. Also, do lenders look more at the score or the content of the report?

  • I’ve just been offered a new job. They are going to do a consumer credit report for employment and education verification. What is exactly on this report? If I got fired from a job, will it be on the report?

  • Does anyone know where I can get a FREE credit report online without having to buy something from them or having to commit to something?

  • Hi,
    I have subscribed with bank of america to access 3 credit report company details. Now the fee is increased to $14 per month. Actually I have not used much even though I have subscribed for it. What is the best way (i.e to receive the ALERT…it is important to me than credit report) to resolve my problem.

    please help


  • I just discovered that my credit report is showing one of my credit cards as having a $0 credit limit w/$3500 borrowed against it. The actual card limit is closer to $7k – so I’m clearly w/in range. Is there a quick way to get this fixed on my report? It is obviously not helping my score!

  • I was wondering what the guidelines are for disputing an Item on your credit report… What can be disputed and what can not? Also how to start the disputing process?

  • after a certain amount of years do write offs come off my credit report even though you didnt pay them.

  • I’m looking at my credit report right now, I have a negative item on my report from a credit card account I opened in 2001, it was completely paid off by 2002, but on my credit report from experian its showing a last reported date in 2004. Negative items last up to 7 years, is this going to be on there till next year or taken off in 2011?

  • I need credit scores for a loan approval but updating it monthly is really costly.However,I want to know the ways to get free credit report.Is there any way?Please help…

  • I know somethings are suppose to go off your credit after 7 years. That is if they are paid or not right.? I know somethings stay on forever no matter what right.?

    My thing is I have credit card on my report that I refuse to pay, Its a long story,

    I have other things on there but most if not all are paid, late or charged off, but paid. and a fourclouser on an old house.

    Right now I have a mortgage on my house but it is with a private lender that is not reporting it to my credit report.

    I have a debit card and I pay things with cash or I tell myself I do not need them.

    I have no problem just letting things sit there for the next 7 years and let everything go off my credit report and sort of starting from scratch. No credit, low credit is better the bad can’t fix credit to me.

    At the moment I can not even get a gas card or a store credit card, so getting one of those to help ‘fix’ my credit is out of the question.

    Am I right.? Should I let things sit.?

  • where can I go to get a free credit report
    I really don’t need the score. I found out today, from one of the agents at my job, that my younger brother is the victim of id theft and we just want to see if there is any activity
    and yes, he is pissed.

  • Do you think agencies are going to far, and wanting to pull your credit report for everything?

  • when you have company pull your credit any easy way to get them off credit report i have 30 diffrent credit inquries please help

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